With Christmas around the corner, we cannot get enough time to complete all those Christmas craft ideas that were sitting in the dusty corners of our everyday craft to-to list. Here is an super cool Christmas candle holders idea that is easy to complete. All you need a bit of patience and everyday, household supplies that any crafter surely has at their disposal. This Christmas candle holders are made of a basic paper mache form and adorned with decoupage, glitter and sparkling beads.

  1. Create the paper mache candleholder. The first step of this project is to create a suitable paper mache form that will hold your candle. I used a balloon and layered it with several layers of paper, soaked in paper mache paste (here is a quick tutorial on how to make papier mache paste). The exact number of paper layers that you need to apply depend on the type of paper that you are using and the sturdiness of the shape that you want to achieve. I used eight layer or regular print paper (80 grams) and I managed to achieve a shape that is quite hard and strong.
  2. Once your paper mache Christmas candle holder is completely dry, apply a coat of Gesso inside and out. This is an optional step – you can skip it, however Gesso makes painting much easier.
  3. Apply two coats of white acrylic paint to the papaer mache Christmas candle holder. You can use a brush or sponge to apply the paint but you need to make sure the paper is completely covered.
  4. Decoupage the paper mache candle holder with a paper design of your choice. I used a paper napkin and decoupaged the outer side of my Christmas candle holder. However, you can do both inside and outside.
  5. Apply a thin coat of glue inside the candle holder and sprinkle some glitter onto the glue while it is still wet. Shake off the excess. This will give a very nice sparkle once you place a light candle inside your Christmas candle holder.
  6. Brush at least two layers of varnish over the paper mache Christmas candle holder. I used water based glitter varnish as I wanted to add some extra sparkle ton my Christmas candle holder. You can use any varnish of your choice.
  7. Glue several shiny beads on the candle holder. This step is optional and it really depends on your overall design and idea about the final look and feel of the Christmas candle holder you are creating.

As you can see, making a decoupage Christmas candle holder at home is certainly very easy and inexpensive. Furthermore, it is a great project that you can complete with your kids. All materials are very accessible and surely present in your crafter drawer. I used real tea light candle for my Charismas candle holder, however, for safety reasons, I recommend using a LED flame-less tea candles – the effect it the same but you will not need to be cautious about open fire in your home.

Making a unique Christmas candle holder with simple paper mache and decoupage techniques is straightforward and fun. It is a great way to create a true Christmas home decor. Last but not least, these sweet Christmas candle holders can make unique Christmas gifts for your family and friends.