So, you have this great craft project in mind but you are still pondering upon one thing – how to create an interesting background? Here is a super easy creative paint application technique that always renders visually appealing results.

One of the common mistakes beginner crafters make is sticking to the same boring plain color backgrounds in their projects. That is probably due to the fact that a background is not supposed to be eye catching but to make the focal point pop out. However, while plain color background are perfectly fine and even essential is some projects, a visually appealing background can help convey the overall message of your art or craft piece better and transform a “nice” piece into something really unique. There are various creative paint application techniques that can render special effects. Here is one very simple idea for creating stunning backgrounds with the help of basic materials – plastic wraps and acrylic paints.

There is a super easy creative paint application technique, perfect for creating interesting backgrounds. All you need is some acrylic paint and plastic wrap. What kind of plastic wrap? Just about any type – regular cling wrap, bubble wrap or even different food wappings can help come up with a truly unique background for your next art or craft project.

Mastering the technique is also very easy – all you need to so is to apply some acrylic paint over the surface of the item you are about to decorate (a canvas, sheet of paper or an object) and place some plastic wrap of your choice onto it. Create some texture and definition by wrinkling the wrap. Wait just a little or until the paint is completely dry – you can remove the wrap at any point of the paint drying process. The only thing to keep in mind is that removing the wrap immediately will result in less texture, while waiting for the paint to start drying or until it is fully dried will produce greater textural effect. The amount and quality of texture also depends on the paint viscosity – in general, the thicker the paint, the more pronounced the effect is going to be.

creative paint application technique plastic wrap

Regardless of the type of plastic wrap you decide to use, keep in mind that the key to achieving truly wonderful textural effect with this technique is to use a combination of contrasting colors.

craft paint application plastic wrap results

Creating stunning backgrounds in craft and art projects can be fun and super easy too. This simple, yet useful creative paint application technique is suitable for almost any art or craft project you have in mind. If you are interested in finding out more about creating backgrounds with paint and plastic wrap as well as discover many other creative paint application ideas, check out my book Introduction to Mixed Media Crafts: Inspiration, Techniques, Tips and Ideas for Creating Unique Art & Craft Pieces.