One of the most important materials for decoupage is the glue – the type and quality of glue that you use in your projects is crucial to the final result. While there are numerous products available at craft stores and online, there are also several very simple decoupage glue recipes that you can try. Here are the two most popular DIY decoupage glue recipes that you may find online:

  1. Mixing basic white glue and water. This decoupage glue recipe is one of the easiest – all you need is a bottle of regular white glue (any type of water-based white glue will do) and water. Pour the glue in a large jar or bowl and dilute with water until you get the desired consistency. Typically, you will want to dilute each part of glue with the equal amount of water. You can make a small batch of glue for each project, or mix all the glue you have and store it in an air-tight container at room temperature.
  2. Kitchen mix decoupage glue recipe. The core ingredients for this DIY decoupage glue are flour, sugar, oil and water. The exact ingredient quantities may vary depending on the amount of glue you want to make. To make the glue, you need to mix all ingredients in a sauce pan and stir on low heat until you get smooth mixture. It can be stored in an air tight container in the fridge for several months.

Making decoupage glue at home is certainly cheaper than buying special decoupage medium. On the other hand, not all homemade products can offer the same quality. Diluted white glue provides decent results and is quite durable however it cannot render nice finish. Four and water glue is completely eco-friendly which makes it great for kids. On the other hand, it is much thicker and difficult to work with and the results usually look sloppy.

DIY decoupage mediums might be quite convenient if you suddenly run out of glue or if you need a cheap option to use with your kids. However, if you need to create professionally looking pieces, it is recommended that you opt for special products specifically formulated for decoupage.