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Decoupage Greeting Card: I Love You with Pom-Poms – create a lovely card with decoupage and yarn pom-poms.

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Easter Eggs with Butterflies – Decoupage Project for Unique Easter Eggs Decoration – create a couple of cute Easter eggs with butterflies and rustic look.

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Decoupage Cell Phone Case – Shabby Chic Flower Cell Phone Case – create your own very unique cell phone case with decoupage!

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Decoupaged Wine Bottle – Vintage Roses: a simple, yet very effective decoupage project featuring an empty wine bottle and vintage roses decoupage paper.

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How To Do Decoupage In 3 Easy Steps

So, how to do decoupage? In fact, learning the basic decoupage techniques is quite easy. All you need is a little bit of practice and persistence. And while