Basic items made of paper – papier mache items, are perfect for many (hundreds!) craft projects. In this easy to follow tutorial I will show you how to make a ball out of paper in just 3 super simple steps.

You can buy ready to use papier mache items for decoration from the craft store or …you can make them yourself! Not only you will save some money (which can be invested in other cool craft supplies) but you will be able to create exactly the items you need for a particular craft project. Creating papier mache items, especially basic papier mache shapes and forms such as making a ball out of paper, are really easy to make – only basic materials (which you already have in your home) are needed and the technique is quite simple.

There are several ways to make a ball out of paper. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on making a papier mache ball in just 3 easy steps.

Create the basic paper ball shape. Get some old newspapers, magazines or another type of discarded papers. Take a sheet of paper and fold it up to form a round shape. Make it firm and smooth the edges. Add another sheet on top and continue doing that until reach the desired size.

how to make a ball out of paper

Take an old plastic bag, wrap it around the paper and secure with scotch tape.

paper ball

Create a papier mache layer. The next step is to apply a layer of actual papier mache onto the paper ball that you have made.

papier mache paste

Cut some paper into strips, dip each into papier mache paste (here is a quick tutorial on how to make papier mache paste) and place it onto the paper ball. Repeat until the whole ball is covered and leave to dry.

papier mache ball ready

As you can see the papier mache ball I created is not quite round and its surface is not smooth. As I intend to use it in a project where the whole surface will be covered, I didn’t spend much time creating a really round shape and smooth surface. However, if you really pay attention to the details, the papier mache layer will render a nice, smooth surface that can be painted and decorated later on.

Paint your papier mache ball. The final step is to apply a coat of acrylic paint onto the ball you have created out of paper. Use a foam or regular brush and paint with your favorite color.

As you can see making a ball out of paper is super easy. It is a great way to create tailor made papier mache items that will perfectly match any custom project you are working on. If you are still on the look out for a cute project utilizing papier mache balls, check out this wonderful craft idea – How to Make Paper Flower Ball Decoration.