What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘Yarn Pom-poms’? Perhaps, nothing special. What if I told you that yarn pom-poms are the new craze in craft projects! Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make cute little pom-poms from yarn that you can later use in a large variety of craft projects and more (some suggestions at the end of the post). Additionally, I have made a short video:



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Here is a short video demonstrating how to make pom-poms from yarn:

1. Wrap the yarn around your fingers. Use two fingers for smaller pom-pom and 3 or 4 fingers if you would like to end up with a larger pom-pom.

2. How many times to wrap the yarn? This depends on a) the thickness of the yarn and b) the desired density of the pom-pom. You can experiment with different yarns and number of wraps; I would suggest anything between 30 and 40 times is sufficient for creating a beautiful pom-pom when using 2 fingers.

3. Mind how tight you wrap the yarn. You should not wrap too tightly because you will need to slip the bundle of yarn off your fingers when the pom-pom is ready. Try to keep it loose enough without letting the yarn slip off your fingers while wrapping.

4. Tie a knot around the bundle. When done wrapping yarn around your fingers, cut a piece of thread, slip it between your fingers near the middle section of the bundle and tie a knot around the bundle.

5. Slip the bundle of yarn off your fingers. This should be easy if you have not wrapped the yarn too tightly.

6. Cut the loops. Get a pair of sharp scissors and cut the loops in the middle. Rub the pom-pom between your hands to make it fluffy and trim any yarn in order to give your pom-pom a round shape.

Making pom-poms from yarn is highly addictive because they are so easy to make and because they are perfect for a number of yarn pom-pom craft projects: you can use pom-poms to decorate gift boxes, you can make festive pom-pom garlands or glue them on branches and make adorable home decor. Pom-poms can also become very interesting elements in a number of decoupage and mixed media projects such as the Decoupage Greeting Card: I Love You with Pom-Poms.